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Cover for upcoming ebook by Sara E. James
Cover for Cupid Calling by Sara E. James

Cupid Calling: A Short Story

Penelope doesn’t believe in happily ever after. Cupid never seems to hit her or her dates with his magical arrows. All that changes the day a knock at her door reveals a short, chubby-cheeked man wearing a diaper and carrying a bow. Love himself has come calling, and now he won’t leave her alone. How can Penelope live her life when a surly version of a Greek cherub follows her every move?

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Works in Progress

The Blood Trilogy (Working Title)

Book 1: There’s Power in the Blood (Working Title)

Book 1.5: Untitled prequel novella

Book 2: Nothing But the Blood (Working Title)

Book 3: The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (Working Title)


The Dragon’s Emissary series (Working Title)

Book 1: The Dragon Speaker (Working Title)